Have you ever thought how education can change your life for the better? I am not referring to formal education, although that is important as well. I am talking about education in general. The willingness to learn new things and move out of your comfort zone. The only way to improve your life is by making an investment in education.

Most people are unhappy with their lives yet they feel stuck where they are and lack options. These are excuses that the masses make to validate their situations. The excuses are plentiful and all are equally empty. There are no excuses to be uneducated anymore.

Don’t let the words “investment in education” scare you. Investing in education does not mean going back to school it means investing your time and executing your desire to develop new skills and viewpoints. The ability to change your life is all around you, you just have to make the commitment and start doing it.

Multiple sources offer free online education that is accessible through your laptop, desktop and smartphone. The largest of these online education sites is Coursera, www.coursera.org. Coursera offers hundreds of courses in topics ranging from marketing to old English literature. These courses are either free or cost a minimal amount.

If online learning is not your thing, there are great books available to help you learn anything and develop new skills. Self-help writing is a multibillion-dollar business for a reason, there is life-changing value in those words. If your desire is to change your life for the better, give these books a try. And there is such a diversity of styles and topics you will find one that works for you.

Improving your life is about empowerment. Access to education and a willingness to learn is what ignites this empowerment. If you want your life to get exceptionally better, if you want to create opportunities and take control of your life, you have to be willing to embrace education.