Education is very important but it is perhaps at its most important during early childhood development, though life is a learning experience and one will be learning all through it. Enrolling your child at a specialized facility can support socialization and help with figuring out how to express themselves in an understandable manner, as well as inspire them to want to learn.

For development of knowledge, proper guidance and care must be taken. The environment also plays a large role in how people of all ages learn. In our modern age, we typically leave off the creative and physical developments after a certain age; this is not a healthy way to cultivate well-rounded and compassionate citizens. We tend to focus more on cognitive development, which includes science, math, and things dealing with proof, rather than continuing to inspire imagination, tapping into our intuition, and learning proper relaxation. This is fundamental, because without proper relaxation, our brains do not retain information as efficiently.

Playing, having fun and then relaxing is an alternative way of learning for any person not in kindergarten, however, it is the best way for any person to learn. Learning through movement and music aids in emotional expression and builds confidence, which a lot of teenagers and adults have difficulty with. By continuing to cultivate any type of artistic and creative nature in our children, teens and young adults, we effectively nurture the cognitive function as well. By being able to see many colors, or understand which colors will make one specific color, and through learning artistic value and contrast we dramatically increase one’s awareness, understanding, and perception while inspiring them to experiment to make new colors. There have been many studies that prove the psychological implications of color, though this use of the word color is also a metaphor for ideas.

Alternative ways of learning have a profound effect on society and utilizing these methods with preteens, teens, young adults and even adults may help cure the unstable society that we are currently living in. By bringing back the arts and interacting with others, we learn to communicate well. Without other people to bounce ideas off of, we would not have invented a lot of the things that we have today.

The best way to learn, regardless of what it may be, is through the use of a community-based environment. Even children need this, which is why we have school systems and early development centers that are teaching groups of children at one time. It’s not to just be more efficient with our own adult time but it is to cultivate communication and expression to your peers and elders and perhaps, at times, to those younger so that they might be able to join in on the conversation. Albert Einstein even spoke about this, “If you can not explain to a six year old, then you do not understand it well.”